Friday, December 12, 2008

A letter to Mark Hannon, cabinet member for economic development.

Here is an email that I have just sent to Mark Hannon cabinet member for economic development, following his latest comments regarding Coatham. Lets see how he responds...

Dear Mark,

I just thought that I'd drop you a quick line. I was interested by your latest comments about Coatham and I quote..

"Councillor Hannon, giving his portfolio report to a meeting of the Council, reaffirmed the Council's commitment to the Coatham Links development."Persimmon Homes remains committed to the scheme but it has been delayed by legal challenges against the planning and village green decisions.
"Persimmon were successful in their appeal about the planning permission and we appeared at the High Court last week about the Village Green."In the meantime, we have been working to secure a Preferred Contractor for the Leisure Centre tender and we started improvements works to the boating lake."So long as there are no more legal challenges, we hope to start on site with Persimmon Homes in April."

You say that you hope to be on site in April, but by that do you mean the council or Persimmon?

Also, as none of the 47 planning conditions attached to this development have been addressed yet, but have to be before work begins, could you confirm that all 47 planning conditions will be addressed before work begins? None more so than the construction of a seadefence estimated to cost between £12,000,000 and £14,000,000? It would appear to me that if you are hoping to be on site in April, then you better start on the seadefence straight away to give you at least the remotest of chances of having the seadefence completed before the houses are completed.

Will you confirm that the whole site will be cleared of landmines and contaminants before the work actually begins in April? Afterall, this is something that is set down in Persimmons own planning application, as having to be done before work even starts.

Will you confirm that action will be taken against Simon Dale for breaking DEFRAS rules in changing an EA planning condition, without consent or consultation, regarding the construction of the seadefence?

Could you tell me why public money is being spent on providing the seadefence in Coatham, something which is the sole responsibility of Persimmon?

Could you tell me why the cost of the boating lake refurbishment has risen from approximately £50,000 to over £700,000? Could you tell me why Persimmon are no longer contributing to this cost?

Could you tell me why it was stated in the Gazette in 2006 that the boating lake improvements were not part of the Coatham Scheme but complimentary to it, to then suddenly become part of the Coatham scheme at the planning meeting the following year, to now become, once again, nothing to do with the Coatham Scheme?

Could you tell me why, when Persimmon have already downed tools on sites around the country because of the stagnant housing market and because of the country sliding into recession where as a result, people aren't even buying cars and Christmas presents let alone houses, why the council are so optimistic that they are going to be on site next April when so many major hurdles, in just making the area safe, still havent even been addressed yet, let alone physically tackled?

Could you possibly tell me why there has been no council investigation into the massive conflict of interests between Mrs Veronica Moore who was pushing the 5GP surgery now included as part of the Coatham scheme as board member of the PCT, whilst her husband Colin, do you remember him? was pushing it as head of the council?

Can you tell me why the council and Persimmon were both employing the same solicitors and consultants to do reports and surveys about the gross housing requirements and the contaminants in the land at Coatham, a year before the LEISURE, not housing development, was even advertised?

Could you tell me why the council are hoping to build a media and youth centre, also comprising a drugs counselling centre, on an area of the Coatham Enclosure that has already been designated for the building of a bowling alley as part of the Coatham scheme? A bowling Alley that the now ex-Chief Executive and ex-member for economic development have stated publicly, that they had funding for as far back as 2006?
Why is something that isn't part of the Coatham scheme, replacing something that is part of the Coatham scheme and not only that, replacing something that they are supposed to have full funding for?

To be honest Mark, your latest statement about Coatham was akin to the less than honest press release that both you and George Dunning issued in March. You know, the one where you made out that the village green process was over when in reality you both knew that it wasn't because the council had already notified opposing solicitors before the release was even issued, that the council themselves were intending to take the issue to the High Court. Could you tell me why you did that Mark?

I would like you to answer all aspects of this email and all the questions contained within it, within fourteen days please.


Chris Mcglade.

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