Friday, February 16, 2007


Also in the ammended plans article there was both a glaring contradiction and an admission, that unless you knew the facts of this development,you wouldn't have seen.
The Contradiction? That Persimmon homes are going to provide a mixture of houses and leisure facilities which will include two swimming pools and a visitor centre.Then in the next sentence it states that the ammended plans show that the dance floor and performance area,both integral parts of the VISITORS CENTRE,will now be part of the LEISURE CENTRE?
The admission? That the visitors centre just isnt going to happen.If the main parts of it are going to be housed in the leisure centre then what is there going to be left to put in the visitors centre to attract visitors? Vera Moody stated in her glossy leaflet last August,that there had never been a firm commitment to delivering the visitors centre even though the council had been telling the public in the press for two years that it was always going to happen.Now,even more ridiculously,they are telling people in the press that its going to happen when the main parts of it are now supposed to be moving over to the leisure centre? It is plain to see that it isnt going to happen.We have said it,the MP has said it on radio and a letter to the whole town,and now they have practically said it themselves in this article.The hysterical thing is they are still trying to make people believe that they're still going to be getting a visitors centre in the same article where they're telling people the main parts of it are being accomodated elsewhere!
Who writes their press releases? Reeves and Mortimer?

The most important thing to note in all of this is that any money coming from English Partnerships,which Glynnis Abbott stated on Redcar.Net last year wouldnt be forthcoming for the Coatham scheme because all money was being directed towards the London Olympics, depended on the Coatham Enclosure development being something which would be of regional significance,something that would attract people from outside the area into it.Thats why the Visitors centre has always featured.English Partnerships had already questioned the lack of accomodation for visitors to the town to stay in,now theres going to be no visitors centre,so obviously theres going to be no money from EP.

Its like weve said before,since when was a 359 home housing estate,with estate creche,estate shops,estate pub (which they cant find anyone interested enough to take on) a bingo hall (which hysterically is now going to include the bowling alley that was going to go in the space in the leisure centre where the dance floor and performance space are now going?) roads,roundabouts, a 5GP surgery with dentists and opticians and pharmacy (also included in the leisure centre) and a normal 25 metre pool, ever considered to be a visitor attraction? Never mind one of regional importance.Thats right,they arent.This scheme has only ever been about creating a self contained,exclusive coastal housing estate,nothing more.

This council and their preferred developer have done everything they possibly can to dupe the public and make them think otherwise.

Hey,Ive just noticed! In the article it mentions two swimming pools and the visitors centre,which we obviously arent going to get,but it dosent mention the extreme sports centre,something else which has been spoon fed to people to get them to go along with this housing estate.It dosent even get mentioned now? Thats how much its going to happen.Well.....when the council are in talks with English Nature or Natural England as they are called now to restrict the use of Coatham beach by horse users and the people who engage in those extreme sports,I dont suppose theres much call for one is there?

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