Friday, August 18, 2006

Another email from a worried council employee.

The email below is from another concerned council employee.The council despite knowing about the high flood risk status given to 50% of the enclosure are determined to try and push it through just because of the money that they have spent on it already.This scheme is doomed yet they are trying to push it through because of the money spent on it already.DISGRACE! The money spent on it should never have been because the area has always been a high flood risk and the council have never had the funding for the leisure facilities they have misled people into thinking they are going to get.They have flagrantly wasted public money on a scheme that should have been abandoned years ago.

Hi Chris, the Council's position on Coatham is that they have spent too much to let it go, and so will fight tooth and nail to see it built, whatever the cost. They are looking to start construction works on the site by March next year. So the objections had better start flying in! Apparently Colin Moore has sent an instruction out to "spend money in Redcar" (presumably to sweeten us all up) but not said what he wants doing or how, so the planners are scrambling around to find things to do in the town with no money to finance it. Hence the support for Rachel's flower pots. If anything turns up I'll let you know Good Luck

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