Friday, June 16, 2006

Pauline Kavanagh

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Hi Chris,

Just some background that you probably already know.

This Pauline Kavanagh, who was mentioned in the press release, was appointed on a temporary contract to implement the Job Evaluation process using the PILAT computer system. If you remember, this was the system that completely bolloxed up JE and reduced some peoples salary by £8,000. The books were, if not ‘cooked then certainly warmed through, to paper over the cracks in the system and most staff returned to somewhere near their previous salary. As a reward for this spectacular failure she was given a permanent appointment working on ‘special’ projects for the Chief Exec. These ‘special’ projects tend to be aimed at cutting staff and staff benefits. Interestingly, or not, the previous Branch Secretery now works for her.

You couldn’t make it up

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