Friday, June 16, 2006

Email from a Council Worker

Here is the text of an email I received from a council employee working in their offices.


It has taken some real hard thinking about sending this.

[The next two lines have been omitted to protect the identity of the sender]

There have been so many dealings going on and a culture of “rough justice and subtle intimidation” that the normal routes inside the organisation seem unresponsive. It has been said the people who work for it are the problem. Whilst change happens people usually give without seeking reward. The Council milks this giving yet undervalues thing

All the spin is about a 4 star Council. Well there are plenty of Gov Parliamentary reports saying this is an accontants tick box approach.If you put money near to the measured items you get the tick.l can remember the talk the Chief Exec gave saying non of the staff want to work for a 2 star Council etc. They carry out the changes to see losses etc through job evaluation and the top management self reward themselves.On the shop floor there is a poor regard for this guy. He has lost support. To say that brings rebuke or more.They say ultimate power corrupts!!!

Interseting to see how things will shape up through local agreements the Government want. It is meant to ask local people on benefits I changes etc.

I think in my mind all this came to a head for me when as a result of your last newsletter we were instructed by the central PR team to ignore what you were saying etc. So the central spin machine wants to all to beleive it is honest and truthfull !!!!

Now we may not agree on all you say but you have the Council on the back foot. But there is however respect for your views and passions.That is democracy in place.Something that gets dismissed in the Council. They paint a picture of openess and transparency.But all this is a cover for other agendas.

An ex Councillor told me it is a Council run by select officers.That is very true. The Cabinet has intelligent people but not any who have a driving vision.They have pet interests but look to be “advised”.

So just want to share with you some thoughts.You may need to ask more questions or make judgements about these things.

Coatham well the drive is to push it through. So it is sold as a tourism venue. Is a Bingo Hall and swimming pool serving local needs going to do that? The visitor centre seems again to be a local facility. These are the issues some of the external funders want convincing about.They want visitors from outside the region and overnight stays. Now where would that be? Coatham has no provision for this. The accommodation in the town serves the white van markets. The town needs investment across it all as that is how traditional seaside places work.

The last major scheme at Regent walk was said to be needed.A survey undertaken in the town shows it has limited customers going through the whole town and Morrisons have benefitted. This survey says there are many negative things from this to deal with now. So will Coatham have a similar effect to the detriment of the town centre. An out of town site. The same as Teesside Park to Stockton.What other work is the Council going to do?

You are right about the Council. I can not remember electing any party locally that stood for doing rear alleys. The Council manifesto was one of political expediency to take power. Then we have Presa Kaye with his duds down in Council time.Conveniently ok’d.

If you look at the council web site it says modest car park increases. The story is that the Council has been exempted from VAT payments on these charges. So they possibly pocket the tax sum and the increase. A little weak on truth if correct.

The NRF budget was given by Govnt to benefit deprived places.There are locations around the Borough that should benefit.WelI it seems the Council may have put its own schemes in to take up funds. May need to be an accountant to track this one.Those that sit on the LSP remain silent as they are there to receive or be at the high table.The budget was about supporting new activity to problems not underwriting Council services lost to budget cuts

Seems the C Exec arrangement for Strategic Partners is coming apart. Tomorrow there is an announcement about a new contract. Basically Liberata can not deliver on it. According to the papers they are up for sale. He is to give a talk to staff to to explain at Coatham Bowl tomorrow. So what cost will that be.What are the benefits now.

Maybe some ramblings but it has taken some thought to send this

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