Friday, January 08, 2010

Didn't you just know it?

Didnt you just know it? After knowing about the Coatham Village Green Issue going all the way up to the Supreme Court for over five weeks now and not mentioning it once in the local press and media, the council have now informed me that they will not be "reviewing it", presumably in the press beforehand, because they just want to let justice take its natural course.

Since when would simply informing the public about a Supreme Court Case of national importance, a Supreme Court case that the public of this area have a right to know about because their council is directly involved in it, ever be considered as interfering with the court case or natural justice? That's wouldn't.

The failure of Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council to tell the public of the area what is exactly going on, once again demonstrates their eagerness to only let the public know what they want them to know not what is actually happening.

The questions everyone should be asking now are why don't the council want the public to know about this Supreme Court Case of National importance and would this culture of disinformation be more at home in communist or facist dictatorship rather than a supposed 21st century democracy?

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