Monday, November 02, 2009

It's not just us calling for their investigation....

We have claimed for some time that Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council should be investigated independently. They have castigated us for this and stated that we are liars and that our accusations are unfounded, but lets look at their own record for calling for investigations into themselves.

In 2006/2007, the Labour MP and the the Labour group were saying that the Coatham planning process was and I quote "tainted" and that it would "come back to haunt them". The Labour group and the Labour MP both said that the old ruling LibDem/ Conservative coalition should have it called in, the MP even emailed me and said that she was going to contact G.O.N.E to get it called in, yet no investigation or public inquiry ever took place? The Labour leader then 'blamed' the Conservatives in the letters page of the Gazette, for having signed the Development agreement! What on earth would you do that for if the scheme was so great and everything was above board?

Then we had an independent councillor calling for an investigation over the private road adoption scheme because the council paid Mcalpines £1,300,000 for work to be done on private roads that cost less than £200,000 to complete.No investigation ever took place.

Then we had the LibDems calling for an investigation into the council investing millions of pounds in Icelandic banks against advice and being one of only seven councils in the country to be shamed nationally and branded as being negligent by the Audit Commission.No investigation ever took place.

Then we had the Labour leader calling twice for the investigation into the ex-CEO for his shameful behaviour. No investigations ever took place, he was never even reprimanded infact, rather than investigate him, they gave him a massive £369,000 enhanced pay deal, glowing reference in the press and let him out the back door on a chronic illness ticket.

This council have publicly called for their own investigation in one way or another on several occasions, thats how bad things are here, yet not once has anyone done anything about any of it.

And on top of this, not only have the Serious Fraud Office stated in a letter that they should be investigated by the police possibly assisted by the CPS, they stated publicly that the police and the Audit Commission etc had investigated claims of corruption within the council when an FOI request showed that no such investigations had ever taken place!

You just couldnt make it up could you?

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